About Us

Mylivingdolls is born within a business group with several years of experience in the field of new technologies. After a happy, almost accidental contact by one of the company's partners with a sex doll last year, something triggered an idea of ​​sharing a sensory experience that any man should have the opportunity to live.
"We have to find a way to share this experience with thousands of men around the world," he said. And based on this desire to share, www.mylivingdolls.com was born.

As a basic rule of everything we do, every day, we place all our energies on fundamental pillars of seriousness, professionalism, always trying to offer our customers the best possible price combined with the most efficient service with the most personalized and close service possible.

We are young but we already consider ourselves old-school entrepreneurs, those who still love to make personalized contact, treating each customer by their name and never by their number.
In all the business niches we have, there are always some customers who ask us: "How do you get such good prices?" "How do you manage to give support so quickly?"
The answer is as simple as possible: We are fans of our customers. Customers are the company's most important asset.
Our company could burn in a violent and destructive fire, we would lose the entire building, all the computers would explode, all the vehicles would be lost. But if we have a portfolio of satisfied and loyal customers with us, we would quickly rise from the ashes and the business would be reborn and healthy again in a short time. That is why we have a slightly different thinking from other companies because we believe that the customer is the most important element of the business.

Your Friends,

Miguel & Fred