Custom Sex Doll

Ohhh yes! That's right!
At will you be able to personalize your doll.
That pornstar who's always been in love with her, that girl from the gym that has driven you crazy since the day you saw her ... That neighbor on the 4th floor that causes you an uncontrollable desire ...
Any of them can be yours now in a definitive way and without any inconvenience. We have a team specialized in replicating human beings in TPE. They work together to obtain a doll that will resemble the original person so much, that it will be difficult to distinguish between the doll and the real one.

Take a look of some pornstar custom made dolls:


How it works?
We will information to reproduce the perfect doll for you:
- Several photos of the person / celebrity from different angles. (hint: use social media to get it)
- You will have to define the doll's skin color. Your options are: White, Light Tan, Tan or Dark.

- Breast size, shape, areola size and color. We will give you a wide range of options so that you can choose your doll's breasts so that they look as similar as possible to the person you are going to replicate or choose breasts that you like best and that you think will be perfect on your doll.
Size and color of nipples. It will probably be a detail that you never saw in the person you want to replicate, but that information will have to be provided by you so that the doll is perfect in your eyes.

Areola size:

Areola color:

- You will have to indicate the color of the eyes. They can be the same as the person you want to replicate or they can be chosen by you.

- Hair color and type. It can be identical to the person you want to replicate, or a different type of hair that you like to see on the doll can be defined. Just choose the one you like the most and that's it!

- Height of the doll will also have to be defined by you. You can indicate the size of the person you want to replicate or assign a size that you like best.

- The type of vagina of your new doll also has to be personalized. The pubic hair or color of the vaginal lips will also have to be indicated so that your doll is suitable for your personal taste.

Do not worry!
To order a personalized doll you will not do it automatically on the website. We have a personalized service team that will speak to you during the entire process so that every detail is covered so that the final result is perfect and exactly what you expect.
As always, discretion and confidentiality are fully guaranteed.
About the price?
All personalized dolls must also have a personalized price that will depend on several factors inherent to the personalization process itself.
Attention: Under no circumstances will we replicate minors.
Don't worry about anything, start talking to us today via email or direct chat and create your girlfriend of your dreams once and for all!