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Client: Can you introduce me to your dolls?
MLD: All of our dolls are made of TPE (also called Cyber-skin) and skeleton is made of flexible metal. The material is ecological, approved and healthy, and is widely used in many other high quality adult products. All of our dolls have a functional mouth, anus and vagina. The anus and the vagina are physical replicas of the human being. And the internal structure of the holes is similar to the physiological structure of the human body. In the sexual act with one of our dolls, you will feel exactly what you felt with a real woman. Dolls can perform most positions that humans and as they are quite flexible, they can even achieve positions not possible with all humans. You have to explore and make room for your imagination.

Client: Is it really the size of a human being?
MLD: All of our sex dolls are created by a vast team of professional designers who have been dealing with real dolls for many years. They are very experienced in creating human replicas. So all the big and small details of the body, ergonomics, size, etc., are all inspired by a real person. When you look at one of our dolls, all parts of the body are proportioned like a real human.

Client: What is the difference between the removable vagina and the built-in/fixed vagina?
MLD:The built-in or fixed vagina is exactly how it sounds and just like a real woman.  The removable vagina is a fleshlight tube that you can insert and remove from the doll. The tube is perfected fit to the doll inner body.

Client: Which is better?
MLD: Most customers prefer the original built-in vagina. It will provide a more realistic experience. If you are a fan of realistic experience, this will be your option. However, if you prefer a removable and washable accessory, you should consider the removable vagina as an option. Check both images below:
Client: What is a heated body?
MLD: One of the options of our dolls is the heated body. It is exactly as the name refers. We provide a device that will warm your doll from 35 to 38º for 45 to 60 minutes. In this way, the sensory experience will be even more complete and exciting.

Client: What are "Moaning"?
MLD: Another option of our dolls is the system of "intelligent groans". When touched on the breasts or vagina the doll will emit sounds of pleasure simulating the woman's orgasm. If there is a lot of movement, the moans will become louder and more lustful. If the movement decreases, the sound will be lower and softer.
See image below for further info:
Client: Can I make some customizations?
MLD: Yes of course!
Some characteristics of your doll can be personalized free of charge, such as: Eye color, pubic hair, nail color, skin tone and standing option:
Client: How flexible is the doll?
MLD: Our dolls have their flexibility based on ergonomic principles. The movements are very identical to those of the human being, since they have flexible and robust joints, in the same places on the body as a real human being (knees, elbows, wrists, hips, neck, etc.). The body joints are made of artificial multiplex stainless steel by latest professional technology to ensure the limbs can be free to extend to create all sorts of poses. See the diagram below and better understand the flexibility of the doll or you can talk to us via email or live chat.


Client: How long will a sex doll last?
MLD: As a rule, a sex doll can last from 2 to 15 years, depending on the treatment you give the doll. Like a real woman, treat her with affection and she will remain young and sexy for much longer. All of our dolls include a cleaning accessory kit to keep them always in perfect condition for a long time.

Client: Will a doll ruin my relationship with my real wife?
MLD:  It's a very common question. We can say what we want. All of us, whether we have a girlfriend with a short relationship or are in a long-term relationship, will be inevitable the day when we will desire a new passion, an adventure or a new experience with another person. This type of desire is the main reason for the separation of couples and the great problems that arise from it.
With our dolls you will have a sensory experience that will satisfy your most hidden and forbidden desires, without committing betrayal or hurting the feelings of the person who is on your side. With our new dolls that are extremely realistic, with their smooth and delicate skin, with their much-desired sensuality, your experience will be satisfying and full and will fill this gap so important in your life. So we can safely say that our dolls promote a healthy relationship between couples and happiness and peace of mind for man.

Client: How close is my doll to the photo on the website?
MLD: Our dolls are exactly as the pictures show. However, they are all made up and dressed for promotional purposes. When you receive our doll, it will not be made up or dressed. Like a real woman who wakes up in the morning and has to produce herself to look more sensual and beautiful, so are our dolls. Anyway, before making your purchase at our store, you can always ask us for the natural photos to understand exactly how you will receive the doll.

Client: Do you ship worldwide? How long will I have to wait for my doll?


  • Our Shipping Partners:  

Total Shipping Days & Cost:

- Europe Express: 10 - 15 days: FREE SHIPPING
- North America Express: 10 - 15 days: FREE SHIPPING
- Central & South America (Available Countries): (15-20 days): $190
- Africa (Available Countries): (20-25 days): $290
- Asia (Available Countries): (20-25 days): $290

    Shipping details:

    • Dolls are shipped directly from China where our Factory is located.
    • The doll will be delivered directly to you. The box will be white, discreet and totally  unidentified. Signature will be required for delivery.
    • All dolls are personalized to your order.
    • For no reason, orders can be canceled in the middle of the process.
    • We will update your order with the tracking number after the doll is ready for shipping.

    Client: How do I protect my confidentiality and discretion? How do the dolls arrive?
    MLD: Our biggest banner is discretion. We do not share any personal information from any customer, ever!
    As for the packaging, the doll will be packed in an unidentified box with no brand or reference to the product. So nobody knows what's inside, except you. The doll will be well packed with various types of protective material inside and closed in a sturdy cardboard box. The doll will be sent in complete safety. If any problems happen in the transport we are responsible.

    Client: Will I have to pay any customs tax?
    MLD: Although it is very unlikely, some orders will require payment of a fee for customs clearance of the product. All shipping and customs costs are covered in our shipments, however some country may require some additional payment.
    For any questions send us an email or speak directly with us in our live chat.

    Client: What payment method do you accept?
    MLD: We accept the most common credit cards, Paypal and Bank Transfer. Most of our customers choose credit cards as their payment method. However, for payment by credit card, it is necessary to inform something when you are ready for payment.
    1. If your credit card payment is declined, contact your bank. Some banks automatically reject international purchases.